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Wow.... Just wow... This is your best piece of work I have seen ever... I do like how you've made the jewelry look like they're made of...

by 1847291

Well. It is interesting to see the Rainbow Factory through another foals eyes, at a different time. But your writing skills really need...


“As your president, I will strive to uphold the rights of the people! I will protect this great nation and it's people until my dying breath!” The politician raised his arm. “I swear on all that is right in this world, I will restore us to our former glory!” The people stood up and cheered. The show that the politician was putting on was riling them up in pride and hope. There were more candidates for president of the country, but the people had already decided.

The presidential election had come out as expected. The president won by a landslide and was now is office. His actions as president had secured the trust of the people. The president had allowed the debt that the country was in to slowly decrease overtime, lowered taxes, got rid of restrictions that subdued freedom of speech, etc. This easily got the president elected into a second term. But this term would take a turn for the worse.

Just as the president was re-elected, a tragedy occurred. A deranged man stole his Uncle's shotgun and brought it into an elementary school and proceeded to kill thirty-seven people and injure over one-hundred more. The media began to tug at people's heart strings and the presidents immediately went after civilian owned firearms. Creating many campaigns in favour of the seizure of firearms. As soon as gun registration became required, they swiftly found and took every firearm that they could. After this, things started to go south.

The bill or rights meant nothing anymore. It was repealed without any public input. This meant that the president had 100% power, as there was nothing stopping it. Restrictive and oppressive laws started getting passed, stopping any form of protest or dissent. Any protestors caught were imprisoned and labelled 'terrorists'. The government took complete control of all education, forcing all children to attend federal education centres. The president introduced new regulations to food production. Restricting calcium and other nutrients that helped with physical development. In ten years, most citizens were weak and brittle. Nobody could do anything anymore. The idea of revolution was meaningless without firearms.

It wasn't long before human thought was restricted as well. Much scientific development resulted in the invention of a microchip that could be implanted into a human brain. It was able to coherently read thoughts and emotion. With commission from the “president”, they also allowed for the ability to paralyse individuals remotely. The chips became mandatory for all citizens of the country. Every man, woman and child had one surgically put into their brains. The government could now disable and arrest those who even thought of any form of resistance. This was something that would happen incredibly frequently.

Eventually, all children born were taken into custody by the state; and all of those who were currently over the age of eight were forcefully re-located into huge cities in a remote area of the country. None were allowed to leave. Eventually, all those who were moved into these cities died out, leaving them empty and forgotten. The children who were taken into custody were educated by the state and forced into an obedient mindset. They were ignorant of true history, never knew that they were being oppressed and were indoctrinated into believing that this was the correct was of life. There was no possible way to receive a proper education or to obtain legitimate information, that had been banned long ago...
Is this Utopia?
Just a small piece that I wrote in Geography class. Nothing too special.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
All was lost for Elk. The days blurred past him like an arrow fired through a forest. It seemed to him that he could no longer feel emotion. Everything he did was based on subconscious reactions to his surroundings. Only on occasion did information stay in his memory. Information such as watching Taloona freeze to death while writhing on the snow sprinkled ground on the replays, being told that his hand will never be fully functional again, the embrace of his mentors after arriving from the arena and the empty feeling that replaced his constant fear while in the games.
He sat with his head hanging. His neck being strained at the stretched muscles from his droop. Elk had not said a word since the arena. He didn't even acknowledge the existence of other human beings Not even after being electrocuted as punishment for refusing to speak during the post-game interview. He knew that he would soon see the familiar wilderness of District 7, his home. He crumpled into the fetal position on the soft bench of the train car and waited with his eyes half shut. Time was nothing to Elk. He could sit for years if he didn't need nourishment; it would have been no different than a couple of minutes.
The fresh scent of pine needles, the sound of rustling leaves was all what was expected to Elk upon his arrival in District 7. But instead, he was welcomed in a loud cheer by his fellow citizens. The ones he worked with, the ones he hunted with, the ones he used to go to school with, even those who he never knew existed were there. All this for him? Many threw themselves at him with the intention to hug, but Elk sidestepped and let them taste the dirt. Any common decency he once possessed was now gone, at least for now. Walking through the massive crowd, declining dozens of handshakes, he had only one thing on his mind: The void that we must all meet in the end.

“Where do I stay?” He finally asked. His mentors looked stunned to hear him speak. They immediately directed him to victor's village, where his new estate lay in waiting.
He was left alone by both the crowd and his mentors. The house was quiet and large, not nearly as fancy as the place he stayed during the pre-games, but it was genuinely a nice place. He immediately made for the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife from the drawer. Such an everyday piece of silverware for the average person; but Elk seen it as a key to liberation. He placed the sharp edge against the side of his neck and applied pressure. He was merely an instant from dragging the blade across his flesh before he heard a cough from behind him, almost as if someone where trying to get his attention.

“That would not turn out well for your loved ones.” Came a cold and eerily familiar voice. Elk spun around and beheld the men standing behind him. Guarded by two peacekeepers was a plump white-haired man with unnaturally puffy lips and a thick beard. He was none other than President Snow.

“Why do you say that?” Murmered Elk without a single shred of respect. The president of Panem walked closer to him, without any concern for the knife that Elk gripped. His breath beating Elk in the face with the smell of blood.

“The games must be looked upon as a tradition that cannot be removed. Suicide would likely fuel the fires of rebellion.” President Snow stated. Elk grinned.

“You have nothing to threaten me with.” At this, Snow chuckled lowly.

“I am quite sure that you love your friends and family. Please ensure that they live their lives as usual. I assure you that they cannot and will not live without you.” President Snow backed away and left with his guards, leaving Elk alone again. For the first time, emotion struck him. Snow was going to have his loved ones executed if he killed himself! He threw the steak knife at the wall and fell into a fit of rage and despair. He smashed everything in sight! Ranging from windows, vases, doors and even tables. He ripped the phone out of the wall and bit off a finger from his disabled hand. He threw himself onto a couch, lied face down and cried as hard as he could into the cushion. He begged the universe to bring an end to all of this. To ensure a life for his loved ones and death for himself.

From this point on, Elk had become a hollow shell. Watching the days go by without thought or feeling, barely taking care of himself and only showing any type of positivity when he was in front of a camera, even if it was all fake. Years would pass in mere moments as Elk wasted away in his resent of life.

-The End
Ah, Newfoundland. Such a peaceful and beautiful place! A place infected with the limitless power that is the Federal Government. A place which used to be so tranquil and calm that you would never expect an 18 year old to jump a fence and stab an 11 year old boy in the neck. A place where gang violence takes to the streets and drugs run wild! With so many laws protecting those who would do you harm; and so many laws that restrict you, the law-abiding citizen from properly defending themselves. Such a wonderful land! One would wish to express their human right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, only to have it smashed by the Dominion that is Canada. This is a place where if we are attacked by much stronger or even multiple people, we cannot use a weapon as an equalizer. Not being allowed to legally take means to protect yourself effectively is like the government saying: "We own your body and we own your life". Oh how I love this place. Even the schools adapt to this bureaucratic way of life. A style that forces you to watch every single word that passes your lips, else some hypersensitive paranoid will take it as a warning sign of violence; having the school proceed to kick you out for multiple days while barely having the means to protect your innocence.
"I love this place" is something I would have said before, but not now. Our former republic has been assimilated into the anti-logic that is the Canadian government. The truth it that you don't own us, Canada! You may have claim to our land and have brainwashed your flock into relying on your services. You've taken my home from what is once was as a province: respectable; then replaced it with your mindless idiocy. I hope that I am not missed, for I will pursue a place that by the law of the land, respects us all as individuals and not cattle. We've had a good run, but once I am gone, I will never return.


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:D My Little Pony saved my life back in 2012.

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